19th February 2017

A fall of at least five Stonechats at the farm added extra cheer to proceedings but was not the only sign of spring movement, with a count of nine Common Buzzards possibly including five migrant birds. Two Little Owls were calling in the evening, from Horse Pasture and Stoney Nob, and other sightings at the farm included two Pheasants, a Sparrowhawk, a Collared Dove, 20 Fieldfares, 40 Redwings, two Rooks, two Meadow Pipits and a Yellowhammer.

♂ Stonechat

David Campbell (photo), Paul Goodman and Ian Magness

18th February 2017

The female Stonechat continued its residence at Reads Bottom, two Little Owls around Stoney Nob, a Collared Dove was singing at Legal & General and a Meadow Pipit was in Horse Pasture. Other sightings in the CF sector included two Common Buzzards, a Common Gull, a Fieldfare, 40 Redwings, a Treecreeper, a Nuthatch, two Greenfinches, a Bullfinch and eight Yellowhammers.

Ian Magness, Tasha Preston and Ian Ward

17th February 2017

A fine spring(-like?) day saw a ♂ Reed Bunting pitch up briefly at Reads Bottom, where the ♀ Stonechat remained, and a Lapwing drop into Broadfield. A Tawny Owl was noted in Banstead Woods and three Little Owls were logged at the farm.

Otherwise, CF held a Pheasant, three Common Buzzards, a Kestrel, two Rooks, 10 Skylarks, 20 Fieldfares, 15 Redwings, six Meadow Pipits, three Bullfinches and three Yellowhammers. Also noted in the BW sector were four Bullfinches and two Treecreepers.

The sun tempted the first butterflies of the year out, with a Peacock by Canons Farmhouse and a Brimstone in the BW sector.

♀ Stonechat at Reads Bottom
Geoff Barter, Paul Goodman, Duncan Jennings and Ian Ward (photo)

16th February 2017

Two Red Kites drifted west over the farm in the afternoon and a female Stonechat was fresh-in, feeding in Owl Meadow before moving to the south side of Horse Pasture. A Little Owl was showing on the east side of Horse Pasture. Three Mallards over the farm included two that also crossed BW airspace. Counts of 50 Skylarks and 40 Linnets retained a wintery feel despite the warm weather and the first singing Yellowhammer of the year as part of a count of four. Five Meadow Pipits flew out of Owl Meadow and seven Rooks were feeding in Broadfield. Other sightings at the farm included a ♂ Pheasant, a Sparrowhawk, four Common Buzzards, three Common Gulls and a Kestrel.

The BW sector had three Lesser Redpolls, feeding in birches between Reads Rest Lane and Piddly Pond, as well as a Rook overhead.

♂ and ♀ Yellowhammers at Reads Bottom
adult Common Buzzard
juvenile Common Buzzard
♀ Stonechat at Reads Bottom
Goldcrest in Banstead Woods
♂ and ♀ Yellowhammers at Reads Bottom
juvenile Common Buzzard
♀ Stonechat at Reads Bottom

Magnus Andersson (photos 1-7), David Campbell, Christian Cogley, Steve Gale, Ian Magness (photo 8) and Ian Pratley

15th February 2017

Two Siskins and 40 Lesser Redpolls were at Banstead Woods, the latter a flock by the felled tree towards Holly Lane. A Pheasant, a Common Buzzard, a Common Gull, a Little Owl (singing at Stoney Nob), 16 Skylarks, 60 Fieldfares, 40 Redwings, 50 Linnets, three Bullfinches and two Yellowhammers were in the CF sector.

Geoff Barter

14th February 2017

A count of 14 Siskins in the BW sector included a feeding flock of 12 by the path running south from the high path between the Holly Lane car park and the Park Farm compound. A 50-strong flock of Lesser Redpolls was skittish around Piddly Pond but sometimes settled on the silver birches there. A Yellowhammer heard calling overhead was a good record for BW. A Red Kite drifted west over the woods and the female Stonechat was again on view in Holly Lane Meadow. Other BW sector sightings included a Common Buzzard, eight Treecreepers, 12 Nuthatches, eight Redwings and 10 Bullfinches.

Legal & General had a Common Gull and three Redwings of note, while a Common Buzzard was also seen at the farm.

Lesser Redpolls

David Campbell (photos), Linda Mount, Ian Pratley and Mark Stanley

13th February 2017

A Peregrine over the farm provided the day's headline bird. A ♂ Tawny Owl was hooting from Ruffett Wood before dusk and three Little Owls were noted, with two by Tart's Field and another at Stoney Nob. Other sightings in the CF sector included a Kestrel, a Rook, five Skylarks, four Fieldfares, 20 Redwings, three Meadow Pipits, a Greenfinch, seven Linnets, five Bullfinches and a Yellowhammer.

Geoff Barter and David Campbell

12th February 2017

A Red Kite flew over Banstead Woods at 14:05.

Gloria Saunders