6th October 2017

Sorry but this will be the last update for at least a couple of weeks due to DKC being away in Ethiopia... Do visit the farm in the meantime to keep up the coverage and, if/when there is wifi, the Twitter feed (@cfbwbirds) will be updated with any significant news. Thanks!

Overhead movement at the farm during the latter half of the morning involved a Snipe, a male Reed Bunting, seven Pied Wagtails and nine Meadow Pipits. 10 Skylarks and 40 Linnets were noted and a male Stonechat flicked along the east side of Horse Pasture, where a Little Owl announced itself. The adult male Peregrine returned and had a pop at some Feral Pigeons over Infront George. One Chiffchaff was by Canons Farmhouse. Four Buzzards, two Kestrels, three Yellowhammers and a Black-headed Gull were also in the sector.

adult ♂ Peregrine

David Campbell (photo) and Linda Mount

3rd October 2017

Overhead passage at the farm involved six Pied Wagtails, 20 Chaffinches and five Meadow Pipits. 20 Skylarks were on the deck. BW had two Wheatears and three Meadow Pipits in Hither Field, along with two Mistle Thrushes, a Sparrowhawk and two Buzzards in the sector.

A Clouded Yellow was at Fames Rough and other BW butterflies were a Common Blue, Brimstone, a Comma, five Red Admirals and five Meadow Browns. A Southern Hawker was at Fames Rough.

Clouded Yellow
♂ Common Blue

Steve Gale, Duncan Jennings (photos) and WoodChips Conservation Volunteers

2nd October 2017

CF had a Chiffchaff, three Skylarks, eight Buzzards, a Kestrel, a Sparrowhawk, a Little Owl and the regular Tawny Owl in Lunch Wood. Another Tawny Owl was vocal in BW, where a late Willow Warbler and 10 House Martins were noted, along with another Buzzard.

Geoff Barter and Linda Mount

1st October 2017

The two Red-legged Partridges were still in Broadfield and the Barn Owl was still at the farm, where two Mistle Thrushes, a Stonechat, 12 Meadow Pipits, a Pied Wagtail, a Little Owl, two Kestrels, five Buzzards, two Black-headed Gulls, 39 Herring Gulls, two Kestrels, three Rooks, eight Skylarks, two Chiffchaffs, 300 Linnets and three Yellowhammers were also recorded.

David Campbell and Steve Gale

29th September 2017

The CF sector provided two Red-legged Partridges, a Hobby, a Mistle Thrush, three Chiffchaffs, a Pied Wagtail, 13 Meadow Pipits, 100 Swallows, nine Skylarks, two Buzzards and six Yellowhammers. The Tawny Owl was on view in Lunch Wood.

A Brown Hairstreak was seen alongside Doric Field.

Geoff Barter and Ian Ward

28th September 2017

The Barn Owl, 250 Swallows, 75 Skylarks, a Blackcap, six Chiffchaffs, 250 Linnets and six Yellowhammers were logged at CF, along with a count of 20 Dunnocks.

Steve Gale

26th September 2017

The Barn Owl, a late Whitethroat, a Whinchat, five Stonechats, six Yellowhammers, 13 Skylarks, three Rooks, six Chiffchaffs, the Lunch Wood Tawny Owl, a Little Owl, four Buzzards, a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel were noted in the CF sector. BW had two Rooks and a Kestrel of note.

A Clouded Yellow was at BW and other butterflies in the recording area included two Commas, two Peacocks, a Red Admiral, two Brimstones, three Small White, four Large Whites, two Small Heaths, six Meadow Browns and a Small Copper. A Common Darter was at BW and a Migrant Hawker at CF.

♀ Stonechat

Steve Gale (photos), Duncan Jennings, Ian Ward and WoodChips Conservation Volunteers

25th September 2017

A Spotted Flycatcher at the farm was a nice late record and other highlights there included two Whinchats, a Grey Wagtail, the Barn Owl and four Stonechats.

Steve Gale

24th September 2017

Highlights at the farm included a Grey Wagtail, two Whinchats, two Stonechats, a Willow Warbler, a Red Kite, two Peregrines and the Barn Owl. Among the other bits noted were three Chiffchaffs, five Meadow Pipits, two Common Gulls, 15 Swallows, a Little Owl, 40 Linnets, six Buzzards, a Sparrowhawk and two Kestrels.

A Clouded Yellow was at CF and other butterfly sightings on patch were four Red Admirals, three Speckled Woods, a Meadow Brown, three Large Whites, a Small White and two Brimstones. An Emperor, two Migrant Hawkers and a Common Darter were the odonata.

Geoff Barter and Natasha Preston

23rd September 2017

Sightings at CF included two Whinchats, a Peregrine, 30 Meadow Pipits, six Buzzards and a Kestrel. In the BW sector, a Stonechat was in Hither Field and other sightings included a Blackcap, two Chiffchaffs and two Swallows.

Butterflies in the BW sector included a Brown Hairstreak in Hither Field, two Red Admirals, a Peacock, a Large White and two Small Whites. A female Migrant Hawker patrolled Stagbury Field.

Natasha Preston and Ian Ward

22nd September 2017

The highlight of the morning was the first Reed Bunting of the autumn calling around Owl Meadow. A flock of six Cormorants made tracks south and a Yellow Wagtail zipped overhead. Light Meadow Pipit passage at the farm reached around 40 birds. More noticable was Pied Wagtail movement, with five over the farm. Three Wheatears were around Owl Meadow, five Stonechats were seen around Tart's Field, three Skylarks flying around Reads Rest seemed to be newly arrived and Linnets numbered around 200. Raptors at CF were represented by a Red Kite, a Hobby, 10 Buzzards, a Sparrowhawk and two Kestrels. Two Canada Geese and a drake Mallard flew over the sector. Migrant warblers at the farm comprised a Willow Warbler, six Chiffchaffs and a Blackcap. Work in Broadfield continued but only attracted two adult Common Gulls, four adult Black-headed Gulls and a Rook of note; a further 11 Black-headeds flew over. A Little Owl was calling on the east side of Horse Pasture, a Greenfinch flew over and three Yellowhammers were logged. After yesterday's frenzy, only 16 Swallows were noted at the farm, with a further eight over BW, which did log 100 House Martins, normally a reasonable count!

Butterflies at CF included six Red Admirals, three Speckled Woods, 12 Meadow Browns, a Comma, three Large Whites and a Small White. Odonata there were represented by two Common Darters and two Migrant Hawkers. In BW, a Comma, a Red Admiral, a Small White and a Southern Hawker were seen.

Geoff Barter, David Campbell, Duncan Jennings, Paul Mattos and WoodChips Conservation Volunteers

21st September 2017

The day count records for both House Martin and Swallow were smashed today with a quite spectacular hirundine movement over the farm. Swallows finished on 4,000 by 13:15 while House Martins reached the dizzying figure of 6,710 (SG et al). No other site in Surrey approached today's figures and the martin count may even be a county record. The patch seems to be prone to witnessing such movements occasionally. Indeed, the previous records for both species were quite respectable in themselves, made on the similar date of 17th September 2013, when 6,000 House Martins and 2,000 Swallows were logged.

Otherwise, notable sightings in the CF sector included a Yellow Wagtail and two Cormorants overhead, as well as a count of 220 Linnets. Just two Meadow Pipits were reported and singles of Chiffchaff, Little Owl and Skylark were also logged.

Geoff Barter, Andy Downing and Steve Gale

20th September 2017

The Barn Owl was still at the farm, where six Stonechats made for a respectable count. Meadow Pipits, House Martins and Swallows were moving through in fairly small numbers. A Rook and four Black-headed Gulls visited Broadfield. A Willow Warbler was at the farm, a Skylark was at Infront George and 40 Linnets were counted at the farm. A further 15 Black-headed Gulls flew over the Chipstead Valley, along with 100 Herring Gulls.

Butterflies seen in the CF sector were two Red Admirals and three Speckled Woods.

Geoff Barter, Ian Magness and Robert Russell

Check back to yesterday for extra news from the BW sector

19th September 2017

Sightings in the CF sector included two female Stonechats, 90 House Martins, 10 Swallows, seven Chiffchaffs, three Little Owls, a Peregrine, the Tawny Owl in Lunch Wood and 11 Buzzards.

An impressive total of 17 Mistle Thrushes were noted in the BW sector, along with two House Martins, three Chiffchaffs, four Blackcaps and 20 Goldfinches of note. Further BW sightings included a Sparrowhawk, a Kestrel and four Bullfinches.

BW butterflies included singles of Comma, Peacock and Speckled Wood, as well as five Small Heaths, four Meadow Browns and three Small Whites. A female Common Darter was also seen there.

Steve Gale, Duncan Jennings and Ian Magness

18th September 2017

Overhead passage at CF involved a Yellow Wagtail, 80 Meadow Pipits, two Pied Wagtails, nine House Martins and 14 Swallows. Two Common Gulls were attracted to activity in the fields along iwith nine Black-headed Gulls and two Canada Geese flew over. One of the female Stonechats was still in Tart's Field and a new bird, a male, was at Infront George. Linnet numbers at the farm built to 120. A Hobby made a brief appearance over Broadfield.

David Campbell