Gallery 2014

A selection of significant photos from previous years are published in the annual bird reports. Click on the images to enlarge them. Copyright to the named photographers. Photographers can be contacted through us, please email if you wish to use any of the images shown here for any reason. We welcome contributions, so if you have any shots that you'd like us to display here, do email.

Red Kite, Canons Farm, November 29th 2014 (Duncan Jennings)

Red Kite, The Scrub, November 21st 2014 (Duncan Jennings)

Peregrine, Canons Farm, October 12th 2014 (Nigel Jackman)

Stonechats, Canons Farm, October 12th 2014 (Nigel Jackman)

Stonechat, Reads Bottom, October 4th 2014 (David Campbell)

Peregrine, Canons Farm, October 4th 2014 (David Campbell)

Ravens, Canons Farm, September 27th 2014 (David Campbell)

Stonechat, Hither Field, September 27th 2014 (David Campbell) A rare bird for the BW half of the patch...

Peregrine, Stoney Nob, September 27th 2014 (Ian Magness)

Peregrine, Stoney Nob, September 24th 2014 (Ian Magness)
Whinchat, Horse Pasture, September 15th (Ian Ward)

Peregrine, Canons Farm, September 11th (David Campbell

Barn Owl, Canons Farm, September 8th 2014 (David Campbell)

Sedge Warbler, near Reads Rest Cottages, September 7th 2014 (Ian Ward)

Spotted Flycatcher, The Scrub, September 6th 2014 (David Campbell)


Northern Wheatear, Horse Pasture, August 19th 2014 (Ian Ward)

Presumed Montagu's Harrier, The Scrub, August 12th 2014 (James McCulloch)

Juvenile Grey Wagtail, Piddly Pond, July 20th 2014 (Ian Magness)

Greylag Geese, Holly Lane Meadow, May 24th 2014 (Ian Ward)
Mallards, Piddly Pond, May 16th 2014 (Ian Ward)

Whinchat, Canons Farm, May 14th 2014 (Duncan Jennings)

Sandwich Terns, Canons Farm, April 24th 2014 (David Campbell)

Sandwich Tern, Canons Farm, April 24th 2014 (David Campbell)

Common Buzzard (2cy), Canons Farm, April 13th 2014 (Ian Ward)

Marsh Harrier, The Scrub, March 30th 2014 (David Campbell)

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Banstead Woods near estate, March 30th 2014 (David Campbell)

Firecrest, Piddly Pond area, March 9th 2014 (David Campbell)

Mallards, Piddly Pond, March 1st 2014 (Ian Ward)