July 2013

Keep an eye on the Twitter feed on the right hand side and here for live bird news updates throughout the day. All sightings are appreciated and will be useful in the writing of the annual bird reports, please email your sightings to canonsfarmbirds@hotmail.co.uk. When submitting sightings, please try to match the format of this page as much as possible to make transfer as efficient as possible. See Map for locations mentioned here (some are old local names, some we have made up). BOLD = rare for CFBW - BOLD & RED = first for CFBW.
* = bird flying past the recording area, viewed from it.

'C.Farm' is the general term for the area west of the marked red line on the Map, and 'B.Woods' is the general term for the area east of this line. More specific localities, also found on the map, are also included in these sightings.

Wednesday 31st
    • no reported sightings

    Tuesday 30th
    • no reported sightings

    Monday 29th 
    • no reported sightings

    Sunday 28th
    • PEREGRINE (over Legal & General) - JH
    • (Butterflies: (all B.Woods) 2 Silver-washed Fritillaries, Small Copper (Fames Rough), Common Blue (Fames Rough), Small Heath, Ringlet, Marbled Whites, Small Skippers, Large Skippers, Small Whites, Large Whites, Meadow Browns) - PGO

    Saturday 27th
    • (all C.Farm) COMMON BUZZARD (Ruffet Wood), 3 YELLOWHAMMERS (singing), 2 COMMON WHITETHROATS (Butterflies: Small Tortoiseshell, Ringlet, Red Admiral, Essex Skipper, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Large Whites, Meadow Browns) - PGO

    Friday 26th
    • no reported sightings

    Thursday 25th
    • adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Legal & General), 3 MISTLE THRUSHES (Legal & General), 3 COMMON BUZZARDS (2 C.Farm then B.Woods - also calls from young, 1 B.Woods), SPARROWHAWK (C.Farm/B.Woods), 24 HOUSE MARTINS flew over (C.Farm), 6 SWALLOWS flew over (C.Farm), 7 BLACK-HEADED GULLS (Legal & General), 3 YELLOWHAMMERS (C.Farm), 5 SKYLARKS (C.Farm), 2 LINNETS (1 C.Farm, 1 CF/BW at end of R.R.Lane), 2 COMMON WHITETHROATS (C.Farm), 2 CHIFFCHAFFS (1 Lunch Wood, 1 Ruffett Wood), 2 BLACKCAPS ( Legal & General, 1 B.Woods), 2 HERRING GULLS (2nd-summer & 3rd-summer) (Legal & General), COAL TIT (Ruffett Wood), 2 TREECREEPERS (1 by Green Belt Field, 1 Ruffett Wood), NUTHATCH (Lunch Wood), 3 STOCK DOVES (C.Farm (2 singing)), PHEASANT (Pheasant Field), c5 COMMON SWIFTS (C.Farm), GREENFINCH flew over (Green Belt Field), 5 GOLDFINCHES (C.Farm), 2 ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS (C.Farm), 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS (1 juv) (C.Farm) (Butterflies: 2 Commas (1 Lunch Wood, 1 Ruffett Wood), Red Admiral (Lunch Wood), Marbled White (R.Bottom), Gatekeeper (Legal & General), Meadow Browns (C.Farm), Large White (Stoney Nob), several Green-veined Whites (around Ruffett Wood)) - DKC 

    Wednesday 24th
    • (all B.Woods) SWALLOW (Valley Meadows), COMMON BUZZARD (Fames Rough), GOLDCREST, 3 TREECREEPERS, 7+ NUTHATCHES (inc juvs), 4 COAL TITS, 3 CHIFFCHAFFS, 2 BLACKCAPS, GREENFINCH (Valley Meadows), STOCK DOVE, GREEN WOODPECKER, ROSE-RINGED PARAKEET (Butterflies: 40+ Chalkhill Blues (Valley Meadows), Dark Green Fritillary (Valley Meadows), several Marbled Whites, several Small Whites, several Large Whites, Green-veined White, 6 Brimstones, 10+ Small Skippers, Large Skipper (Woodpecker Meadow). Moths: 2 Silver-Y (Woodpecker Meadow)) - IPW
    • BLACK-HEADED GULL flew over (C.Farm), 2 PIED WAGTAILS (Legal & General), COAL TIT (B.Woods), COMMON BUZZARD (C.Farm), COMMON WHITETHROAT (C.Farm), STOCK DOVE (Lunch Wood), 2 BLACKCAPS (Legal & General), 3 NUTHATCHES (1 Legal & General, 1 Lunch Wood, 1 B.Woods), 6 GOLDFINCHES (3 C.Farm, 3 CF/BW at end of R.R.Lane), SKYLARK (C.Farm) (Butterflies: Marbed White, Small Skipper, Comma (Lunch Wood), Speckled Wood (B.Woods), Meadow Browns (C.Farm)) - DKC 

    Tuesday 23rd
    • BLACK-HEADED GULL flew over (C.Farm), 2 YELLOWHAMMERS (C.Farm), 4 SKYLARKS (C.Farm), 16 SWALLOWS (C.Farm), 8 HOUSE MARTINS (C.Farm), 3 BLACKCAPS (B.Woods), 2 GREEN WOODEPCKERS (C.Farm), 2 STOCK DOVES (1 C.Farm, 1 B.Woods), LINNET (C.Farm then B.Woods), KESTREL, 2 COAL TITS (B.Woods), CHIFFCHAFF (B.Woods), COLLARED DOVE (C.Farm), 2 TREECREEPERS (B.Woods), COMMON SWIFT (C.Farm) (Dragonflies: Southern Hawker egg-laying (Piddly Pond))

    Monday 22nd
    • no reported sightings

    Sunday 21st
    • (all B.Woods) ♀ SPARROWHAWK (B.Woods) (Butterflies: 4 Chalkhill Blues, Silver-washed Fritillary, Marbled Whites, Brimstone, Small Whites, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns. Moths: Six-spot Burnets. Plants: Cut-leaved Germander (Fames Rough)) - PGo

    Saturday 20th
    • 3 HOUSE MARTINS (C.Farm), 18 SWALLOWS (C.Farm), 2 BULLFINCHES (Piddly Pond), 4 YELLOWHAMMERS (3 singing) (C.Farm), CHIFFCHAFF (Piddly Pond), 3 COMMON SWIFTS (C.Farm) (Butterflies: 2 Gatekeepers, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Essex Skippers)
    • (all B.Woods) 2 BULLFINCHES (1 Valley Meadows, 1 north side), 2 TREECREEPERS, 4 BLACKCAPS, CHIFFCHAFF, GOLDCREST, LINNET (over Valley Meadows), 3 SONG THRUSHES, 2+ COAL TITS (inc juv Fames Rough), KESTREL (Hither Field), GREEN WOODPECKER (The Nuttery - formerly Rest Copse) (Butterflies: ♂ Chalkhill Blue (Valley Meadows), Dark Green Fritillary (Sheep Brow), Purple Hairstreak (between Sheep Brow & Hither Field), 2 Green-veined Whites (1 Sheep Brow, 1 Fames Rough), 28+ Marbled Whites (10 Fames Rough, 8 Sheep Brow, 8+ Hither Field, 2 Valley Meadows), Small White (Fames Rough), Speckled Wood)) - IPW

    Friday 19th
    • no reported sightings

    Thursday 18th
    • (all C.Farm) 2 COMMON GULLS (adult Legal & General, 1st-winter over Legal & General), 4 HOUSE MARTINS (over Legal & General), 3 adult BLACK-HEADED GULLS, ♂ PHEASANT, 2 NUTHATCHES (Broadfield/Lunch Wood), 3 BLACKCAPS, 3 YELLOWHAMMERS, 4 SKYLARKS, GOLDFINCH, 2 COMMON WHITETHROATS, 3+ GREEN WOODPECKERS (1 juv), juv ROBIN (Legal & General) (Butterflies: Essex Skipper, Small Tortoisehell, Marbled Whites) - DKC
    • (all B.Woods) 3 KESTRELS together (over Valley Meadows), 5+ LONG-TAILED TITS (Butterflies: ♂ Purple Emperor (100m north of Piddly Pond), 2 Dark Green Fritillaries (1 Sheep Brow, 1 Fames Rough), Silver-washed Fritillary (B.Woods car park), Small Tortoiseshell (car park), 3 Gatekeepers (Sheep Brow). Odonata: 2 Emperors (1 Piddly Pond, 1 Woodpecker Meadow) - IPW  
    • (all B.Woods♂ LINNET (Piddly Pond, 3+ TREECREEPERS (Butterflies: Purple Emperor (east side), Silver-washed Fritillary (by Piddly Pond), 3+ Purple Hairstreaks (by Piddly Pond). Dragonflies: Southern Hawker (1 Piddly Pond, 1 NE end), 8 Marbled Whites, 6 Speckled Woods, 2 Large Whites, 2 Ringlets, Small Tortoiseshell, 13 Meadow Browns, Peacock (caterpillar). Moths: Common Nettle-tap, Shaded Broad-bar, Agapeta zoegana, lots of Cinnabar caterpillars) - NS/PGo/DKC/LM/IP et al  

    Wednesday 17th
    • no reported sightings

    Tuesday 16th
    • (all C.Farm) 6 BLACK-HEADED GULLS flew over, adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL flew over, KESTREL (possibly juv) (Harrier Field), 2 SWALLOWS, 2 YELLOWHAMMERS, 4 SKYLARKS, 2 COMMON WHITETHROATS, CHIFFCHAFF (Ruffett Wood), 3 BLACKCAPS (1 by Green Belt Field, 1 Ruffett Wood, 1 Gunman's Shaw), NUTHATCH (Gunman's Shaw), STOCK DOVE, 2 GREEN WOODPECKERS, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, 2 ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS, 3 GOLDFINCHES, several COMMON SWIFTS (Butterflies: 6 Small Tortoiseshells, Large Skipper, Small Skippers, several unidentified Small/Essex Skippers; numbers of Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns) - DKC

    Monday 15th
    • 9 BLACK-HEADED GULLS flew over (2 juvs, 1st-summer & 6 adults), juv GREY HERON flew over (C.Farm), ♀ SPARROWHAWK (B.Woods), 5 YELLOWHAMMERS (1 Death Pit (singing), 1 Harrier Field (singing), 1 Slangs (singing), 1 south end of Broadfield, 1 by Perrotts Farmhouse (singing)), COMMON BUZZARD (over Death Pit), 7 SWALLOWS (C.Farm), 2♂ PHEASANTS (1 Lunch Wood, 1 Green Belt Field), 2 STOCK DOVES (Ruffett Wood (both singing)), 6 COMMON WHITETHROATS (C.Farm), 4 SKYLARKS (C.Farm), 2 BLACKCAPS (1 Pheasant Field, 1 Pages Acre), CHIFFCHAFF (B.Woods), NUTHATCH (B.Woods), COLLARED DOVE (C.Farm), 2 GREEN WOODPECKERS (C.Farm), GOLDFINCH (C.Farm), 2 ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS (C.Farm), several COMMON SWIFTS (Butterflies: Marbled Whites, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, 5 Small Tortoiseshells, Speckled Wood, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, 2 Commas (1 Ruffett Wood, 1 Pages Acre)) - DKC

    Sunday 14th
    • 2 BULLFINCHES (by Piddly Pond), COMMON BUZZARD (over Fames Rough), 2 COAL TITS (B.Woods), GOLDCREST (Fames Rough), NUTHATCH (B.Woods), PHEASANT (C.Farm), 2 YELLOWHAMMERS (1 near C.Farmhouse (singing), 1 near Perrotts Farmhouse (singing)), LINNET (C.Farm), COMMON WHITETHROAT (C.Farm), 3 STOCK DOVES (1 C.Farm, 2 B.Woods (singing)), 3 BLACKCAPS (1 C.Farm, 2 B.Woods), CHIFFCHAFF (B.Woods), 3+ LONG-TAILED TITS (Fames Rough), 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS (1 Fames Rough, 2 Woodpecker Meadow) (Butterflies: 2 Dark Green Fritillaries (Fames Rough), 3 Common Blues (1 Fames Rough, 2 Hither Field), Essex Skipper (Legal & General), Small Skippers (CF & BW), Large Skippers (CF & BW), good numbers of Marbled Whites (CF & BW), c15 Small Tortoiseshells (C.Farm), Small Whites (CF & BW), Large White (B.Woods), 2 Speckled Woods (1 Legal & General, 1 Woodpecker Meadow), Ringlets (CF & BW), Meadow Browns (CF & BW), Red Admiral (C.Farm), Small Heaths (Legal & General & B.Woods), 5 Commas (1 C.Farm, 4 B.Woods). Odonata: Broad-bodied Chaser (Piddly Pond), hawker sp. briefly (Piddly Pond), c30 Azure Damselflies. Amphibians: small, freshly developed Common Frogs leaving the water (Piddly Pond)) - PGo/IGM/DKC 

    Saturday 13th
    • (all B.Woods) YELLOWHAMMER (bathing in Piddly Pond), WILLOW WARBLER (Piddly Pond), 6 BULLFINCHES (♂+♀ by Piddly Pond, 2 Valley Meadows, 1 near Scout camp, 1 elsewhere in B.Woods), SPARROWHAWK (Holly Lane Meadow), KESTREL (Sheep Brow), COMMON BUZZARD (over Sheep Brow), GOLDCREST, 5 TREECREEPERS, 12 BLACKCAPS, 6 CHIFFCHAFFS, 3 COMMON WHITETHROATS (1 The Scrub, 2 Holly Lane Meadow), 6 COAL TITS, 7 NUTHATCHES, 3 SONG THRUSHES singing, 6 GOLDFINCHES, 2 STOCK DOVES, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, 4 GREEN WOODPECKERS (2 The Scrub, 1 by Piddly Pond, 1 Holly Lane Meadow), (Butterflies: 5 Dark Green Fritillaries (Holly Lane Meadow), Silver-washed Fritillary (east side), 2 Brown Argus (Holly Lane Meadow), Gatekeeper (Sheep Brow), 10 Small Skippers (4 Woodpecker Meadow, 3 Holly Lane Meadow, 2 Sheep Brow, 1 Valley Meadows), 130+ Marbled Whites (50+ Woodpecker Meadow, 30+ Holly Lane Meadow, 10+ The Scrub, 10+ Sheep Brow), 24+ Large Skippers (17+ Holly Lane Meadow, 5 The Scrub, 1 Valley Meadows, 1 elsewhere B.Woods), Common Blue (Sheep Brow), c10 Small Heaths (3 Holly Lane Meadow, 2 Woodpecker Meadow, 2 Valley Meadows, 3 Sheep Brow), 4 Commas, 12+ Speckled Woods, 8 Brimstones. Odonata: ♀ Brown Hawker, Emperor (Piddly Pond), 10+ Azure Damselflies (Piddly Pond)) - IPW
    • (Butterflies: Silver-washed Fritillary (Fames Rough). Plants: Greater Yellow Rattle (Fames Rough), White Mullein (Fames Rough)) - NGd

    Friday 12th
    • 5 BLACK-HEADED GULLS (C.Farm), juv COAL TIT (B.Woods), YELLOWHAMMER (Slangs), 3 HOUSE MARTINS (C.Farm), GOLDCREST (near The Scrub), NUTHATCH (B.Woods), 4 SKYLARKS (C.Farm), LITTLE OWL (Stoney Nob), 3 CHIFFCHAFFS (B.Woods), 4 BLACKCAPS (B.Woods), 2 GREEN WOODPECKERS (The Scrub), 4 SONG THRUSHES (1 C.Farm, 3 B.Woods), 5 GOLDFINCHES (3 by Perrotts Farmhouse, 2 The Scrub), juv DUNNOCK (The Scrub) - DKC
    • BULLFINCH (Tawny Wood), BLACKCAP (Tawny Wood), COMMON WHITETHROAT (Circle Field) - PGo

    Thursday 11th
    • CHIFFCHAFF (The Scrub), BLACKCAP (The Scrub) (Butterflies: Marbled White (The Scrub), Ringlet (The Scrub), Meadow Brown (The Scrub), Small Tortoiseshell (R.R.Lane), Small Heath (R.R.Lane)). Moths: Cinnabar. Tadpoles developing legs (Piddly Pond))
    • 3 LITTLE OWLS (1 by R.R.Cottages, 2 Legal & General/Stoney Nob) - DKC

    Wednesday 10th
    • no reported sightings

    Tuesday 9th

    Monday 8th
    • (all Holly Lane Meadow) BULLFINCH, COMMON BUZZARD, 2 COMMON WHITETHROATS, GREEN WOODPECKER (Butterflies: 2 Dark Green Fritillaries, Common Blue, several Small Heaths, Small Tortoiseshell, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Marbled White, Brimstone) - DKC
    • (all C.Farm) 4+ LITTLE OWLS (2 +young calling in nest at Stoney Nob, 1 Broadfield), 3 MISTLE THRUSHES (Legal & General), SWALLOW, 2 YELLOWHAMMERS, c3 SKYLARKS - DKC
    • (all C.Farm) LITTLE OWL, KESTREL - CA  

    Sunday 7th
    • (Moths: 2 Six-belted Clearwings (nationally scarce) (Holly Lane Meadow)) - SG
    • (Butterflies: Dark Green Fritillary (Hither Field), Silver-washed Fritillary (Woodpecker Meadow), Small Skipper (Fames Rough), Large Skipper (Fames Rough), Ringlet (Fames Rough), Small Heath (Fames Rough), Small Tortoiseshell (Valley Meadows). Plants: Pyramidal Orchid (Fames Rough)) - PGo/IGM

    Saturday 6th
    • 5+ BULLFINCHES (juv with 2 ads Holly Lane Meadow, 1 Valley Meadows, 1 Woodpecker Meadow), 3+ COMMON WHITETHROATS (juv with 2 ads) (Holly Lane Meadow), 4 TREECREEPERS, 6 COAL TITS, 2 NUTHATCHES, GOLDCREST, 11 BLACKCAPS, 5 CHIFFCHAFFS, 5+ LONG-TAILED TITS (inc. juvs), 3 SONG THRUSHES, GREEN WOODPECKER (Woodpecker Meadow), 6 STOCK DOVES, 3 ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS (Butterflies: 5+ Dark Green Fritillaries (Holly Lane Meadow), Silver-washed Fritillary (near car park), Brown Argus (Holly Lane Meadow), c10 Marbled Whites (5 Valley Meadows, 3 Woodpecker Meadow, 1 Hither Field, 1 Sheep Brow), 180+ Meadow Browns, 17 Large Skippers, 22+ Ringlets, 28+ Small Heaths, Small Copper (Holly Lane Meadow), 3 Small Tortoiseshells (Hither Field), 13+ Speckled Woods, 6 Common Blues (4 Holly Lane Meadow, 1 Sheep Brow, 1 Woodpecker Meadow), 9 Brimstones. Mammals: 2 Roe Deer) - IPW

    Friday 5th
    • (all C.Farm) GREY HERON flew over, 2 SKYLARKS, YELLOWHAMMER, LITTLE OWL (Stoney Nob (singing)), 2 BLACKCAPS (1 Lunch Wood, 1 Stoney Nob), PHEASANT, LINNET, CHIFFCHAFF (Legal & General), GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, GREEN WOODPECKER (Butterflies: Marbled White (Legal & General), 2+ Large Skippers (Legal & General), 3 Ringlets (Legal & General), Small Heath (Legal & General), Speckled Wood (Legal & General), Red Admiral (R.R.Lane)) - DKC
    • (Butterflies: (all Legal & General) Large Skipper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Speckled Wood, Small White) - IGM  

    Thursday 4th

    Wednesday 3rd
    •  18+ SWALLOWS (mainly juvs) (by R.R.Lane) - IGM

    Tuesday 2nd
    • (all C.Farm) GREY HERON flew over, LITTLE OWL, YELLOWHAMMER - DKC/RD 

    Monday 1st
    • no reported sightings