30th July, Canons Farm

Common Swift1
Green Woodpecker1
Great Spotted Woodpecker2
Swallowc25 low over Broadfield/Harrier field & Horse Pasture
Common WhitethroatAdult with juvs by Canons farmhouse
House Sparrow40+ in the Horse Pasture area
Yellowhammer2 singing birds, 1 North Horse Pasture, 1 Harrier field
Essex Skipper8
Small Skipper4
Small/Essex Skipper11
Marbled White1 in Circle field
Green-veined White1
Small White3
Large White5
Red Admiral2 by Canons farmhouse
Peacock100+ Caterpillars by Canons Farmhouse
Meadow Brown150+ along pathways only; Canons Farm>Circle field>Broadfield>Read Rest Cottages
Observer: Ian Ward