There was a fault with the CFBW Grapevine text system last year and numbers were lost. The system has been back up and running for a little while, generally informing members of potentially twitchable sightings within our recording area. If you were previously on it and would like to be added again, please email New members can be added to the text-list if they have joined the CFBWBG.

Records over the spring and summer
Thank you all for the continued submission of detailed bird and wildlife sightings so far this year. Our database for 2012 onwards is now nearing 30,000 records. As we enter the breeding season, we are going to be more selective about the records that we report on the blog for various reasons, instead focusing on reporting migrants, but we will continue to gratefully accept all records (breeding information being very important!) and store them in our database so that we can keep tabs our local bird populations and report on them at a later date. Thanks!