31st August

A vigil at the farm produced a four Sand Martins, around 10 House Martins, a Hobby and around 100 Swallows of particular note.

Geoff Barter and Duncan Jennings

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30th August

A good day of hirundine movement at the farm, with three Sand Martins, 25+ House Martins and 350+ Swallows. Two Rooks there are also worth mentioning. It was just local birds at Banstead Woods, with seven Common Buzzards, a Kestrel, Blackcap, Chiffchaff and two Bullfinches of interest.

A Clouded Yellow, two Brown Hairstreaks, three Small Heaths, Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Red Admiral and 26 Brown Argus, 2 Common Darters and a Southern Hawker were also logged among the butterflies and odonata.

Geoff Barter and Duncan Jennings

29th August

The highlight of a session at the Woods was a Great Black-backed Gull over Valley Meadows at 11:37. A Hobby was clocked as it circled high over Holly Lane Meadow, where a Collared Dove was noteworthy. A Rook flew over Hither Field and a Mistle Thrush was in Fames Rough while six Bullfinches were counted.

Four Brown Hairstreaks included two at The Nuttery and a male Chalkhill Blue was still out in Valley Meadows, representing the pick of the lepidoptera. Circle Field had a Common Darter.

Common Darter, Circle Field, Ian Ward
 Ian Ward

28th August

Green Belt Field had a Northern Wheatear and there were also two Swallows and a Common Whitethroat at the farm.

Single Brown Hairstreaks were spotted on the east side of Ruffett Wood and along Slangs. A female Common Darter was in Circle Field.

Ian Ward

27th August

Four Whinchats flicked from the Harrier Field hedgerow and 60 Swallows fed at the farm. A Common Buzzard was seen at Fames Rough and there were two Bullfinches in The Scrub.

A Clouded Yellow frequented Hither Field and other Banstead Woods butterflies included two Silver-washed Fritillaries, 15 Speckled Woods, a Small Copper, a Holly Blue and 15 Brown Argus. At the farm, a Painted Lady was notable. A Migrant Hawker was also noted.

Holly Blue, The Nuttery, Ian Magness

Migrant Hawker, Perrotts by Wood, Ian Ward

Paul Goodman, Ian Magness, Ian Ward

26th August

A Red Kite flew over the farm where 55 Swallows and a Rook also headlined. One Black-headed Gull fed at Legal & General.

There were also 11 Speckled Woods there.

Duncan Jennings

25th August

Highlights at Banstead Woods included two Swallows, four Chiffchaffs, three Blackcaps and four Bullfinches.

Butterflies there included a Small Heath and six Brown Argus.

Paul Goodman

24th August

A Yellow Wagtail flew over Slangs and a Northern Wheatear frequented Reads Bottom. There were three Willow Warblers at the farm, too, plus a southwesterly movement of 62 Swallows and a Little Owl present. A Hobby was seen over Holly Lane Meadow and the Woods also held a Tawny Owl, a Sparrowhawk, two Common Buzzard, four Chiffchaffs, a Blackcap and a Bullfinch.

Two Clouded Yellows and a Brown Hairstreak were seen at the farm. Another Brown Hairstreak was at the Woods, as was a Silver-washed Fritillary, a Peacock, 15 Brown Argus, a Brimstone and a Common Darter among the insects.

Northern Wheatear at Reads Bottom (Ian Magness)

Geoff Barter, Steve Gale, Duncan Jennings, Ian Magness and Ian Ward

23rd August

A Rook was seen at Banstead Woods, along with five Swallows, two Chiffchaffs and a Kestrel. The farm had a Little Owl and a potentially interesting Chiffchaff.

A Clouded Yellow was notable in the butterfly department, as was a Purple Hairstreak, a Silver-washed Fritillary and two Brown Argus.

Geoff Barter, Duncan Jennings

20th August

Two Whinchats had arrived in Hither Field and the Woods sector also held a Common Whitethroat and a Kestrel. A group of 14 House Martins passed over the farm, where three Bullfinches and singles of Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard and Kestrel were noted.

Whinchat in Hither Field

Ian Ward

17th August

A Great Black-backed Gull flew northwest over the farm, where three Swallows were seen. Also at the farm, a Treecreeper was in Pages Acre and a Common Whitethroat was present along with two each of Chiffchaff and Blackcap, plus four Common Buzzards, a Pheasant, a Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk. 500+ Woodpigeons gathered in the stubble.

Two Holly Blues were the best of the butterflies.

Geoff Barter

16th August

The Woods held singles of Common Buzzard, Kestrel, Nuthatch and Bullfinch, while a Black-headed Gull flew over.

It was a great day for butterflies, headlined by a late Marbled White, two Silver-washed Fritillaries, eight Chalkhill Blues and 14 Brown Argus. Odonata included three Southern Hawkers and two Common Darters.

Duncan Jennings

15th August

A Peregrine flew northwest over Canons Farmhouse. A Willow Warbler and eight Swallows were also at the farm, along with a Pheasant, four Common Buzzards, two Kestrels, five Stock Doves, two Rooks, a Common Whitethroat, four Greenfinches, eight Goldfinches, five Linnets and two Bullfinches. At Banstead Woods, a Black-headed Gull flew over and two Green Woodpeckers, two Blackcaps and a Common Whitethroat were noted.

Among the butterfly sightings, two Holly Blues were seen at Canons Farm and three Speckled Woods were in Banstead Woods.

Geoff Barter

14th August

A Tree Pipit flew south over Valley Meadows at 17:07 and other birds in the Banstead Woods sector included a Pheasant, a Sparrowhawk, two Common Buzzards, a Kestrel, five Green Woodpeckers, two Great Spotted Woodpeckers, seven Chiffchaffs, four Blackcaps, a Common Whitethroat, a Song Thrush, three Nuthatches, seven Goldfinches and three Bullfinches.

Butterflies there included 10+ Chalkhill Blues, two Small Heaths, a Green-veined White, a Peacock and two Brown Argus.

Paul Goodman and Ian Ward

13th August

A Little Owl was noted by Poultry Field. Migrants over Banstead Woods comprised of a Common Swift and nine Swallows, while other birds there included a Pheasant, two Common Buzzards, a Sparrowhawk, a Pied Wagtail, two Chiffchaffs, four Blackcaps and three Bullfinches.

Among the butterflies in the Banstead Woods sector was a Painted Lady, two Brown Argus and a Small Copper. A Southern Hawker hunted along Woodpecker Meadow.

female Common Blue

Green-veined White

Brown Argus

Observations and photographs by Ian Ward

9th August

Birds at Canons Farm included a House Martin, nine Common Swifts, six Swallows, four Common Buzzards, a Kestrel and a Linnet. Another Kestrel was at Banstead Woods, where two Chiffchaffs and a Nuthatch were seen.

The Woods sector also had three Silver-washed Fritillaries, eight Chalkhill Blues, a Marbled White, two Small Coppers, a Brown Argus two Small Heaths among a healthy array of butterflies. Two Southern Hawkers patrolled Piddly Pond.

Duncan Jennings

8th August

Two Swallows, four Common Buzzards, two Yellowhammers, a Kestrel and a Little Owl represented the avian highlights at the farm.

Butterflies included three Red Admirals.

Observer: Geoff Barter

7th August

Three Willow Warblers were around Infront George Field and four Swallows flew south. A Little Owl was showing at Stoney Nob. Other birds at the farm included a Common Buzzard, three Chiffchaffs, two Yellowhammers and four Common Whitethroats.

Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Holly Lane Meadow, 24th July 2016 (Sophie Pettit)
Observer: Paul Goodman

6th August

There were seemingly two Cuckoos around Reads Bottom, an adult female and a juvenile, a Bullfinch was at Tattenham Meadow and four Chiffchaffs and two Blackcaps were counted at the farm, as were two Yellowhammers.

Cuckoo, Reads Bottom, Ian Magness
Juvenile Cuckoo, Reads Bottom, Ian Ward

A Holly Blue and an Essex Skipper were the best of the butterflies noted.

Observers: Ian Magness and Ian Ward

5th August

A Cuckoo was found at Reads Bottom and Horse Pasture hosted a Garden Warbler. The first Northern Wheatear of the autumn was also at the farm, as were four Common Swifts and six Swallows.

Butterflies on show in Banstead Woods included three Silver-washed and one Dark Green Fritillary, 12 Chalkhill Blues, four Brown Argus, three Essex Skippers, a Small Skipper and a Marbled White.

Observers: Paul Goodman, Duncan Jennings, Ian Magness and Ian Ward

3rd August

10 Common Swifts flew south at the farm and 20+ Swallows were active around Canons Farmhouse.

Observer: Geoff Barter

30th July, Canons Farm/Banstead Woods

Sparrowhawk1 CF
Common Buzzard2+ BW
Common Swift10 BW
Green Woodpecker7 BW
Great Spotted Woodpecker2 BW
Chiffchaff6 BW, 1 CF
Common Whitethroat2 BW
Robin1 juv BW
Goldfinch2+ BW
Bullfinch1+ Tawny Wood, 3+ Pages Acre, 2 BW
Essex Skipper3 BW
Small Skipper1 BW
Large Skipper3 BW
Brimstone1 BW
Marbled White10+ BW
Green-veined White3+ BW
Small White4+ BW
Large White3+ BW
Comma1 BW
Peacock1 BW
Silver-washed Fritillary6 BW
Meadow BrownBW (common)
GatekeeperBW ( common)
Ringlet2 BW (scrub)
Common Blue1 BW
Chalkhill Blue3 BW
Brown Argus4 BW (Fames Rough_

Observer: Paul Goodman

31st July, Canons Farm

Common Whitethroat2
Essex Skipper1
Small Skipper1
Small/Essex Skipper2
Green-veined White1+
Small White2
Large White1
Red Admiral4
Small Tortoiseshell2
Speckled Wood3
Meadow Brown200+ (especially at L&G)
Gatekeeper60+ (especially at L&G)

Observer: Paul Goodman

30th July, Canons Farm

Common Swift1
Green Woodpecker1
Great Spotted Woodpecker2
Swallowc25 low over Broadfield/Harrier field & Horse Pasture
Common WhitethroatAdult with juvs by Canons farmhouse
House Sparrow40+ in the Horse Pasture area
Yellowhammer2 singing birds, 1 North Horse Pasture, 1 Harrier field
Essex Skipper8
Small Skipper4
Small/Essex Skipper11
Marbled White1 in Circle field
Green-veined White1
Small White3
Large White5
Red Admiral2 by Canons farmhouse
Peacock100+ Caterpillars by Canons Farmhouse
Meadow Brown150+ along pathways only; Canons Farm>Circle field>Broadfield>Read Rest Cottages
Observer: Ian Ward

28th July, Canons Farm/Banstead Woods

A Cuckoo was at Canons Farm. Other sightings:

Common Buzzard4 CF
Kestrel1 CF
Herring Gull8 CF
feral Rock Dove7 CF
Woodpigeon20 + CF
Green Woodpecker1 L&G
Magpie3 CF
Carrion Crow12 CF
Coal Tit1 BW
Skylark3 CF
Swallow1 CF
Chiffchaff4 BW
Blackcap1 BW
Starling3 CF
House Sparrow15+ RR Cottages
Goldfinch6 CF
Linnet2 CF

Brimstone2 BW
Large White5 CF
Comma2 CF
Red Admiral3 CF
Meadow Brown50+ CF/BW
Gatekeeper2 CF
Ringlet10 CF
Observer: Geoff Barter