31st January 2017

A flock of 30 Lesser Redpolls was seen near Park Farm and a female Stonechat was in Holly Lane Meadow, perhaps the bird from earlier in the winter rearing its head again. Other sightings in the BW sector included two Common Buzzards, six Redwings and two Bullfinches.

Reportable sightings at the farm were limited to two Common Buzzards, two Common Gulls, two Kestrels, a Meadow Pipit, 100 Fieldfares and 20 Redwings.

David Campbell, Duncan Jennings and Ian Magness

30th January 2017

An evening walk produced 25 Meadow Pipits in Owl Meadow, two Little Owls at Stoney Nob (including a 'singing' bird), a vocal ♂ Tawny Owl around Lambert's Field, 70 Fieldfares, 200 Redwings, three juvenile Common Buzzards, a Sparrowhawk, a Kestrel and a Pheasant.

David Campbell

29th January 2017

A restless Reed Bunting was an unexpected arrival, calling as it flew around the Reads Rest Cottages end of Owl Meadow at 10:00 but not settling in view. 18 Meadow Pipits flew up from the stubble in Broadfield and a Lesser Black-backed Gull drifted over. One Little Owl briefly called. 160 Redwings and 80 Fieldfares were shifted between the fields while Skylarks and Chaffinches were in full song for the first time this year.

Selected other sightings from the farm were the tame juvenile Common Buzzard, two Common Gulls, two Bullfinches, two Greenfinches and a Yellowhammer.

David Campbell

28th January 2017

A ♂ Stonechat was found in Hillwood Field. A ♂ Tawny Owl was heard in Ruffett Wood.

Other sightings at the farm included a Sparrowhawk, a Common Buzzard, two Kestrels, eight Skylarks, 100 Fieldfares, a Mistle Thrush, 11 Redwings. Further BW sector sightings were two Common Buzzards over Hither Field and a Bullfinch.

juvenile Common Buzzard over Hither Field

Ian Magness and Ian Ward (photo)

27th January 2017

25 Meadow Pipits where clear migrant arrivals at the farm. A Grey Heron was another highlight and two Common Gulls and a Lesser Black-backed Gull were also seen.

Duncan Jennings

26th January 2017

Banstead Woods had four Bullfinches and five Redwings.

Duncan Jennings

24th January 2017

A Woodcock was seen in Banstead Woods, along with three Redwings.

Geoff Barter and Duncan Jennings

23rd January 2017

16 Lesser Redpolls were feeding in the birches between Piddly Pond and the Harholt Plantation this morning. Seven Rooks flew over the Holly Lane car park. Birds counted on a circuit of the outer paths of Banstead Woods included a Sparrowhawk, six Great Spotted Woodpeckers, 10 Jays, 21 Goldcrests, 10 Coal Tits, 13 Nuthatches, eight Treecreepers, seven Song Thrushes, 55 Redwings and three Bullfinches.

Lesser Redpoll
David Campbell

22nd January 2017

Two redpolls were heard overhead, one in each of the recording sectors. Three Siskins were feeding in Banstead Woods and another flew over Ruffett Wood. The two Little Owls were loving the warmth and sunbathing in their favourite trees on the east side of Horse Pasture. Seven Meadow Pipits were feeding in Owl Meadow and two Mistle Thrushes were near Perrotts Farmhouse.

Little Owl on the east side of Horse Pasture
Robin in Banstead Woods
Other sightings in the Canons Farm sector included two Common Buzzards, two adult Common Gulls, a Rook, four Nuthatches, two Treecreepers, 22 Fieldfares, six Redwings, a Bullfinch, a Greenfinch and six Linnets. Banstead Woods also had a Pheasant, a Sparrowhawk, a Common Buzzard, six Great Spotted Woodpeckers, a Rook, 23 Long-tailed Tits, seven Nuthatches, three Treecreepers and three Bullfinches.

David Campbell (photo 1) and Ian Ward (photo 2)

21st January 2017

Two Ravens which touched down on Stoney Nob gave the local corvids something different to bother and represented the first occasion that the species has settled in the recording area, rather than just flying through. 40 Fieldfares, a Mistle Thrush, 30 Skylarks, a Pheasant, a Sparrowhawk, three Collared Doves, a Common Buzzard and two Rooks were also noted at the farm. The BW sector had nine Bullfinches, 10 Redwings, two Kestrels and a Common Buzzard.

Ian Magness (photo) and Ian Ward

20th January 2017

Seven Northern Lapwings which sailed in low mid-morning and took an interest in the fields at the farm were the clear highlight of another glorious day. Two Siskins over the farm and seven redpolls (three over the farm and four skittish birds between Harholt Plantation and Piddly Pond) added further interest. Three Meadow Pipits were creeping about the turf in Hither Field and another shot up from Horse Pasture. A Little Owl was showing again on the east side of Horse Pasture and two Lesser Black-backed Gulls flew over the farm.

Other sightings included a ♂ Pheasant, a Sparrowhawk, a Common Buzzard, two Common Gulls, an adult ♂ Kestrel, 70 Fieldfares, 30 Redwings, a Mistle Thrush, two Greenfinches and 17 Linnets at the farm, in addition to another adult ♂ Kestrel, two Rooks, three Redwings and two Bullfinches in the Banstead Woods sector.

Northern Lapwings over Bog Field
♂ Bullfinch near Piddly Pond
Lesser Redpoll near Harholt Plantation
Green Woodpecker, Hither Field
Meadow Pipit, Hither Field
Linnets, Round Meadow
Rook over Rambler's Rest

David Campbell (photos) and Darragh Culley

19th January 2017

Nine Lesser Redpolls showed well in Banstead Woods, where two Pheasants and two Bullfinches were among the other birds noted. The farm had 30 Fieldfares, 35 Skylarks and singles of Pheasant and Common Buzzard.

Lesser Redpolls

Duncan Jennings (photos) and Ian Magness

18th January 2017

A gorgeous day. Two Little Owls were showing on the east side of Horse Pasture and another was calling at Stoney Nob. Other sightings at the farm included three Common Buzzards, five Common Gulls, a Lesser Black-backed Gull, two Rooks, 40 Skylarks, 40 Fieldfares, 140 Redwings, two Mistle Thrushes, 31 Chaffinches, a Bullfinch, 90 Linnets, a Greenfinch and two Yellowhammers. Most of the activity was in Bog Field and in Poultry Field. Two Treecreepers were singing for the first time this year.

David Campbell

17th January 2017

Sightings at the farm included three Little Owls, 35 Skylarks in Bog Field, four Meadow Pipits in Horse Pasture, a Rook, two Common Buzzards, 22 Redwings, 60 Fieldfares, eight Yellowhammers and 50 Linnets.

Geoff Barter, David Campbell, Duncan Jennings and Linda Mount

16th January 2017

Two Little Owls were calling at the farm this evening, where the approachable juvenile Common Buzzard remained.

Linda Mount

14th January 2017

A fairly eventful session in the Banstead Woods sector saw a Cormorant and a Grey Heron fly over, two Woodcocks near Park Farm, two Stonechats in Stagbury Field and three Rooks in Hither Field, along with two of both Common Buzzard and Kestrel, a count of six Great Spotted Woodpeckers, 30 Redwings and three Bullfinches.

The farm had only 20 Fieldfares and 12 Linnets to offer.

Ian Magness and Ian Ward

11th January 2017

Sightings at the farm included 180 Fieldfares, 120 Redwings and six of both Yellowhammer and Skylark.

Ian Magness

10th January 2017

The female Stonechat reappeared in Holly Lane Meadow, a Common Gull and 323 Herring Gulls flew over the Banstead Woods sector, where a Rook and three Bullfinches were also noted.

Duncan Jennings

8th January 2017

An adult Great Black-backed Gull flew over Banstead Woods, where two Lesser Black-backed Gulls flew over and a Mistle Thrush was singing at Perrotts Larches; two Bullfinches were in the Harholt Plantation. A mixed thrush flock at the farm included 240 Redwings and 60 Fieldfares, while 20 Linnets, two Bullfinches, two Collared Doves and two Mistle Thrushes were also at the farm.

adult Great Black-backed Gull

Ian Magness and Ian Ward (photo)

7th January 2017

A Tawny Owl hooting in the evening was an overdue year tick, as was a Pied Wagtail earlier in the day. Two Little Owls were also vocal at Horse Pasture in the evening, when 13 Meadow Pipits came in to roost. Other sightings at the farm included singles of Pheasant, Common Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and Kestrel as well as two Common Gulls, 10 Skylarks, 80 Fieldfares, 20 Redwings, 80 Linnets and 23 Goldfinches.

Darragh Culley, Ian Magness and Ian Ward

6th January 2017

One of the Barn Owls put in a brief appearance at 15:25 and other sightings at the farm included 40 Skylarks, 45 Fieldfares, 25 Chaffinches, 16 Yellowhammers and 10 Linnets.

Steve Gale and Paul Goodman

5th January 2016

A gorgeous day at the farm saw two Little Owls on the east side of Horse Pasture, two juvenile Common Buzzards, a Sparrowhawk, 43 Skylarks, 50 Fieldfares, 44 Redwings, 12 Yellowhammers, 50 Linnets and a Mistle Thrush of note. 220 Herring Gulls were counted flying over Banstead Woods.

Little Owls
Common Buzzard
Mistle Thrush
♂ Yellowhammer
Song Thrush

David Campbell (photos), Duncan Jennings, Ian Magness and Linda Mount

3rd January 2017

Three Cormorants and a Grey Heron flew over the farm by mid-morning, as did 320 Herring Gulls. A Little Owl was showing on the east side of Horse Pasture, a Rook flew over and four juvenile Common Buzzards were seen. The Common Gull count reached seven but all were adults. 32 Skylarks and three Yellowhammers were noted, along with 26 Chaffinches scattered around Reads Rest Lane. Thrush numbers were low, with only around 10 of both Fieldfare and Redwing.

Rose-ringed Parakeets
♂ Chaffinch
David Campbell

2nd January 2017

One of the Barn Owls made a fleeting appearance at the farm this evening. Two Meadow Pipits roosted in Owl Meadow and earlier on a Mistle Thrush and 80 Redwings were seen but only four Fieldfares and 10 Skylarks. The juvenile Common Buzzard was still sitting nonchalently around Reads Rest Cottages.

Two Fieldfares and two Redwings were seen in the Banstead Woods sector.

David Campbell, Paul Goodman and Ian Pratley

1st January 2017

A reasonable start to the year, with most of the day's coverage devoted to the farm. Three adult Great Black-backed Gulls, two adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls and a Grey Heron flew over. Lunch Wood was visited by a Lesser Redpoll. A Meadow Pipit was still kicking around and Broadfield held 21 Yellowhammers and seven Rooks while 23 Skylarks were mainly in Infront George. Having become a bit thin on the ground of late, a Collared Dove singing at Legal & General was welcome. A Sparrowhawk, three Common Buzzards, three Common Gulls, a Kestrel, 200 Redwings, 20 Fieldfares, eight Bullfinches, three Greenfinches and 50 Goldfinches were also seen at the farm.

In the Banstead Woods sector, the female Stonechat was back in Hither Field and a ♂ Pheasant was heard.

adult Great Black-backed Gulls
 The year list sits on 49 species.

David Campbell (photo), Paul Goodman, Ian Magness and Phil Wallace