28th March 2017

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Another Red Kite drifted west but there was little else on offer. Both of the Horse Pasture Little Owls were on view and six Meadow Pipits flew through, but it was another disappointing lack of migrants (mind you, coverage was very limited). A Bullfinch and a Common Buzzard were in the Banstead Woods sector.

Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Brimstone were flying at the farm. A Comma and another Red Admiral were at Banstead Woods.

David Campbell, Duncan Jennings, Linda Mount, Ian Pratley et al

DKC, Eds: I am away in Edinburgh for a couple of weeks so updates may be a little more sporadic than usual. It's a prime time for a number of expected freshly arriving migrants such as Wheatear, redstarts (both species!), Ring Ouzel, Willow Warbler, etc, along with the chance of something better. Do get out and keep the coverage up (and keep the sightings coming). Thanks!