1st April 2017

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Well, we missed out on a March Wheatear! Hopefully one will arrive soon. We still only have the two early-arriving warblers for our spring migrant roll call. CFBW often drags its heels when it comes to migrant arrival dates but over coming days we can surely expect the arrival of Wheatear, Willow Warbler and Swallow, with more species to come in their wake. More of a patch scarcity than routine arrival is Sand Martin, but keeping eyes to the skies should secure a decent spring date.

Now for today's significant news. Two Fieldfares were seen in Poultry Field while two Blackcaps and four Chiffchaffs were singing at CF A Collared Dove was singing in Holly Wood and 80 Stock Doves were feeding in Green Belt Field. In the BW sector, a Rook flew over Outwood Lane and 15 Chiffchaffs and eight Blackcaps were in song. Three Treecreepers and four Bullfinches were among the resident birds on offer.

Butterflies, all in BW, included two Commas, a Small Tortoiseshell and three Peacocks.

Ian Ward