23rd April 2017

The Reads Bottom area came good mid-afternoon with a Black Redstart flitting between the fence posts (AD/RR). A typical spring date for our 11th record and 15th bird (all since 2010), there were no records last year so this was a sight to savour. Two Wheatears and the two Red-legged Partridges were in Broadfield, singles of Cormorant and Grey Heron flew over and 10 Swallows and four Whitethroats were also around. A Mistle Thrush was seen.

The BW sector had a Willow Warbler at Parsons Land and a Mistle Thrush by the Holly Lane car park, as well as five Whitethroats, 27 Blackcaps, 14 Chiffchaffs and seven Pheasants.

Butterflies on the wing in the BW sector included five Dingy Skippers, six Grizzled Skippers, a Holly Blue, a Speckled Wood, a Peacock, two Orange-tips, a Small White and a Brimstone. Two Small Tortoiseshells were at CF.

Black Redstart
Grizzled Skipper
David Campbell (photos 1-3), Andy Downing, Paul Goodman, Ian Jones, Ian Magness, Paul Manville, Natasha Preston, Robert Russell and Ian Ward (photo 4)

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